Neuigkeiten aus Sanko ein Bericht von Liz Busch

Vereinsvorsitzende Liz Busch ist für einige Wochen zu Besuch im Kids Corner in Sanko. Lesen Sie hier, was Liz aus Sanko zu berichten hat:

Hello everyone,

Liz Busch mit einem Kind aus dem Kids’ Corner
I arrived in Sanko, on 19th July, with our volunteer, Tamina Zuch (who was here five years ago) to a very friendly reception. We were greeted by the Chief, Nana Otitiako III, and some of the Elders.

I am pleased to report that our project has been flourishing in the hands of Comfort and Hilda, and Wisdom our new computer teacher. I am really happy with how they have managed Kids’ Corner in my absence the longest since I started Kids’ Corner in 2006. The children are progressing well and continue to show great pleasure and interest in the learning projects. Hilda has a great deal of experience with children. She is a gentle and intelligent woman, with a good sense of humour, from the next village, Santrokofi-Benua.

Wisdom is a trained computer teacher, who gives afternoon lessons three times a week. He is valuable addition to our team, a quiet, patient young man, also from Santrokofi-Benua.

The rainy season has arrived with avengance, and we are experiencing heavy showers almost daily. The electricity supply is much more stable than in the past, as new cables have been recently installed in Sanko. Previously, even the hint of a few rain drops caused there to be ‘light off’, so we all appreciate the improvement.

Liz Busch mit den Mitarbeiter_innen des Kids’ CornerOn 20th July, I visited the community toilet project, which we have helped to fund. At last, it is almost finished, and a Grand Opening Ceremony is planned for 11th August – another reason for celebration.

Yesterday I was invited to a meeting of the Chief and Elders, where we discussed education and the possibilities for the youth of the community. Next week, we will all attend a meeting in Hohoe, to plan a visit by the Minister of Agriculture in August.

Today I have a meeting with the headmistress of the village school and the Hohoe Director of Social Welfare.
Our new volunteer Paul Niehoff from Kirchlengern arrived on 8th August and will be followed by Lennart Feist from Pfinztal on 28th August – the last two-mentioned are from Eine Welt Netz and will be staying for one year.

There is no sign of the trouble which flared up in Hohoe last summer. The shops have all been rebuilt and the affected people compensated by the government. The only cloud on the horizon is the outcome of the challenge of the NPP of the election result, which took place in December, 2012. The winning party, the NDC, has been accused of fraud and deception. The case finished last week, and the judges will have to give their verdict within the next eighteen days. I cannot imagine the consequences, whatever their decision! There is, to say the least, a great deal of interest in the findings of the Court.
– Liz