Cybercrime And The Internet


There have been rising cases of cybercrime within the past few decades. In fact, Microsoft Corporation has rolled out its cybercrime center to deal with the rising cases of cybercrime. This article is going to deal with the importance of such a facility or center and the future of the internet.

This center is like a task force. Its main function is taking disciplinary measures as well as providing high levels of policing cybercrime to control or stop this criminal activity. This task force consists of Security Engineers, lawyers, digital forensics experts, all of whom work together in stopping the alarming trends which include cyber-extortion, cyber-bullying, and cyber-fraud.

Below are the main reasons as to why this center has been put in place. Unless controlled or stopped, cybercrime can threaten the wide-spread of communication and threaten the strong foundation associated with the internet.


The rising level of the instarupternet crime has led to many people being bamboozled. This has even forced some people to stay away from the internet. However, this is contrary to the will of those people who are developing or coming up with these new technologies.




More people are using the internet in the modern days. The use of the internet has enabled people to share communication swiftly across the different part of the globe. There are some individuals who have been hiding behind these devices to do something criminal. Sometimes this could be disastrous as some people will take advantage of you since you cannot see them. They end up giving you wrong or misleading information.


This refers to the “hacking culture” which has become the order of the day in the modern world. This is done by the people who consider themselves as being ‘’clever’’. Hacking has now become a race of who is the cleverest. These cases have on the rise over the past few years, and they seem not to be slowing down. People do it out of curiosity.

No deterrent

Nowadays you can get a teenager boy stealing money from a credit card or even hacking some bank information to steal money. He can do all this right from school or at home using a laptop. Such individuals find it easy to steal in such a manner since it would be difficult to trace them. This has also affected the government systems as people can obtain the information using their computers by simply hacking these systems.