What you need to know about the laws that govern the music industry


When it comes to entertainment, there are various laws that need to be followed by the artists, producers, publishing companies, including those people who supports the films, movies, or music albums. With this set of laws, conflicts among the different parties will be avoided.

In this read, we are going to focus on the music industry and the laws that govern it. If you are a musician yourself, this will help you a lot in understanding your rights as well protecting your work.


This is just one of the many branches of the entertainment law. All song composers, singers, musicians, record producers and company executives, as well as all the employees, should adhere to this set of rules and regulations. Otherwise, legal problems such as libel, copyright infringement, royalty issues, breach of contract, and other conflicts may arise.

paper and pen

Let us have a look at some of the important laws in the music industry;


This aspect involves a lot of things which include the development or creation of new music, promotion or advertisements, as well as protection. The so-called ‘publishers’ help the artist in the above-mentioned areas so he can spend more of his time on the music creation part. In a nutshell, the publisher does the business part.

Here are the important roles of a publisher;

  • Search for artists
  • Register the works of the artists
  • Promotes the albums (also produces the promotional tools)
  • Monitors the reproduction of the works
  • Takes care of the financial aspects
  • Makes sure that the music laws are carried out



Like what was mentioned earlier, several legal issues may arise if anyone does not follow the laws that govern the music industry. For instance, the commission of the artist. The publisher should pay the artist accordingly. All the earnings that were derived from the work should be audited, and the artist will get a certain percentage of it – as stated in the contract agreement.



Any business establishment that utilizes the work of an artist should apply for a music license. This ensures that the people behind the work will be compensated when restaurants, bars, and similar establishments make use of their works such as a hurricane party song.


This particular law protects the works of those people who compose or write new songs. This would then require the songwriters or composers to register their work first before they send it out for publishing.

Tips Considered When Hiring Deposition Reporters


The law industry needs court reporters to handle various issues in the court. These professionals play a major role in recording the various statements in the court. They are mainly involved in providing the full coverage of the court proceedings during a court session. Individuals can also hire these people in case they need to have a complete docum
entation of the cases affecting them.

The role of deposition reportersbooks

People hire depositions reporters to get informed about the happenings in a court of law. These professions are highly trained, and they deliver a well-researched data and exact information. The key responsibilities of the deposition reporters include the following:



You should always know that each and every word carries a lot of weight in court- every word matters. Full statements especially the ones touching on the witnesses’ accounts and pledges should always be recorded. You might be left behind the case if you fail to record some of these statements since you might end up missing some of the crucial information such as the names and addresses. You should therefore, pay attention to the various proceedings in a court of law.

It would be practically impossible for the guests and the parties concerned to monitors each and every sentence. They need someone else who can monitor all the proceedings carefully and accurately. The court deporters can focus on all the events and thus create a good report. Punctuation and spelling are some of the critical details that should never be overlooked in a court. It is the responsibilities of the deposition reporter to confirm the various jargons, key terms, and tittles when necessary.


It is the role of the deposition reporters to provide translation services. This service is helpful to any visitor or foreign guests who might be present during the court proceedings.

Full documentation

Most people rely on the books and phonedeposition reporters when they are preparing their official documents. These professionals help in giving the transcripts to the lawyers and judges upon request. They are also responsible for submitting a clear report whenever the court clerk needs it. Additionally, they are involved in the recording of data on the storage media and on the computers. These professionals are always expected to acquire and enumerate all the requirements before the court proceedings can kick off.


What are the skills of a good deposition reporter?

Court reporting is not a simple job. These professionals should have certain skills when they are executing their duties. These are some of the skills you should look for when you are hiring them

  • Effective communication skills
  • Proper grooming
  • Good organizational skills

Tips For Using The Social Media


There is no doubt that the social media has come up with a lot of opportunities for the bloggers, citizen journalists and others who are looking for avenues to share their ideas and stories. Unfortunately, the same media has led to a great violation of the intellectual property. From Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, the social media has to infringement of other copyrights.

Here are some of the basic things which you should know when you are participating in the social media.

Transformative use

The social media should be used in a transformative way but not in a derivative way. This means that you should add something new to the original material or content. For instance, one can add ingredients to a recipe or do some adjustments to the cooking process. When you are working on art, you can ahead to criticize or praise it or even comment on the message conveyed by it.

Fair use

One must understand the terms ‘’fair use’’ when participating in the social media. This islogo very important when it comes to the copyright laws. This rule allows you to use the material produced or prepared by other people such as music, photos, art, ideas, articles, and videos. You are only allowed to use portions of it instead of using the entire work which has been copyrighted. Other people’s work can be used for research, news purposes, teaching or criticism. The whole idea is being fair when using other people’s work. You should always avoid copying other’s people’s work.



This involves giving credit to the owner of the original material before using his or her material. Attrition is given to the original owner or author of a message or a quote, the composer of a song, the name of the photographer even a virtual artist.
For the online material, a link should be included which is related to the original content. The copyright laws are meant for protecting the creator’s market. These producers should be protected from exploitation.

About PinterestPinterest

Very many people use Pinterest on a daily basis. Many conversations have been sparked about copyright law by Pinterest. Pinterest’s users are supposed to follow the rules described above. Pinterest has been likened to Napster by some experts meaning that one might face some risks for using the site.


Safest bet

This means getting permission when using other’s material. The copyright owner should be given credit when using his content. It is always wise to obtain permission from the copyright owner to avoid the risks associated with infringement.